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It is an army vs army game, similar to "Right Click to Necromance".

You can find the game also on Steam Store

You need to constantly rebuild and grow your army in order to survive or win the battle. BuildMoreCubes combines real-time strategy battle gameplay with "Snake Byte" like end goals - to expand your army as much as you can by rebuilding dead enemy cubes.

Pure fast-paced action game! No buildings to build, no resources to gather.

BuildMoreCubes is on itch.io already! Support us on Steam Greenlight ;)


20 beautifully crafted levels
- 8 types of very cute but yet furious and deadly units. Each with its pros and cons.
- Fast-paced, addictive and bloody battles.
- You will have to exploit the enemy weaknesses in order to apply the right combat tactics.
- Themed world map and level design - Enchanted Forest, Deadly Desert and Misty Mountains.

There are 8 unit types in total. Each cube have special abilities and is strong or weak against one or more other unit types

1.The Legionaries are basic cubes. Their strength is in their numbers.

2.Barbarians are fast and brutal units with enough health to counter almost any other cube as long as it is not armored.

3.Knights are the backbone of every army. They fight with great success against all others except Mages.

4.Archers...Killing two of them is ridiculously easy, but you don't want to stand up against twenty.

5.With their huge shields and long spears those cube soldiers are also called "Monster killers"

6.They fight with magic.Their fireballs will push back the screaming enemies back in their pits.

7.Bombardiers are slow - they shoot slow, they move slow...but they will bring hell to all those who oppose them.

8.One thing you should know about those non-cube units: you will need most of the above cubes in great numbers, only to bring down one of those...spiked balls.

You can also check out the DEMO.

StatusIn development
Tagscubes, Parody, Strategy RPG
Average sessionA few minutes
AccessibilityOne button
LinksSteam, Steam Greenlight, Facebook


Buy Now2.99€ EUR or more

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Is this the latest version? It doesn't start at all on my win 10 machine.

#edit: It didn't start from itch, but when running BuildMoreCubes.exe it works!

Lol, Just wanted to comment that I had the same problem just now, then I realised it was me who posted this over 3 years ago...

Guess it`not gonna change anytime soon ;)

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FVH2r3eD4bk - Really awesome game :D It was really awesome experience :)

Made a second episode on this totally awesome and super fun game! :D
I actually love it to bits and I'm starting to get better at it :)

Stay Rad Everybody!!

This game is really fun! I have a second gameplay coming out tomorrow!

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Really much enjoying this game so far but the first level seems to be broken?
Anyways, here's my first Let's Play of it! Absolutely gonna return to this one! :)
Stay Rad Everybody!!

Thank you for your video, it's great!
I've fixed the problem with first level. You can re-download the demo and it will work fine :)

If you want to continue this series, we can send you the full version of BuildMoreCubes. :)

I think I replied to this but it doesn't seem like it got through?
First I wanted to say thanks for liking the video and thank you for fixing the issue of the first level :)
Second I wanted to say that I gladly want to continue with the game! :D <3

I'll need an e-mail or some other contact to send you the download link.

Feel free to send it to "cnap91 (at) gmail.com" :)
Thank you so much! Highly appreciated!! <3

Ok, I've sent you an email. ;)