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Is this the latest version? It doesn't start at all on my win 10 machine.

#edit: It didn't start from itch, but when running BuildMoreCubes.exe it works!

(Edited 1 time) - Really awesome game :D It was really awesome experience :)

Made a second episode on this totally awesome and super fun game! :D
I actually love it to bits and I'm starting to get better at it :)

Stay Rad Everybody!!

This game is really fun! I have a second gameplay coming out tomorrow!

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Really much enjoying this game so far but the first level seems to be broken?
Anyways, here's my first Let's Play of it! Absolutely gonna return to this one! :)
Stay Rad Everybody!!

Thank you for your video, it's great!
I've fixed the problem with first level. You can re-download the demo and it will work fine :)

If you want to continue this series, we can send you the full version of BuildMoreCubes. :)

I think I replied to this but it doesn't seem like it got through?
First I wanted to say thanks for liking the video and thank you for fixing the issue of the first level :)
Second I wanted to say that I gladly want to continue with the game! :D <3

I'll need an e-mail or some other contact to send you the download link.

Feel free to send it to "cnap91 (at)" :)
Thank you so much! Highly appreciated!! <3

Ok, I've sent you an email. ;)